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Themes for the month of May

Welcome to BBOOKS – a weekly ezine to promote bloggers! You as a blogger are invited to come up and submit your blog posts (new or archived) on below topics. Cooking Adventures – Submit any blog entry about recipes you … Continue reading

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News and Gossip – Not Published

Hi all, I am sorry to say that the magazine for the theme “News and Gossip” will not be published. The blogs that were scanned for the topic were mostly commercial websites. BBOOKS is solely focusing on the individual bloggers. You can … Continue reading

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Goddess of woods

He has been tracking the tusker for few hours now, his rat from nearby village has informed him about this tusker with a terrific pair of tusks, rogue or lost roaming in the nearby forest. He could see its trail … Continue reading

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A Crazy, Beautiful Mess

Where was she? Will pulled at his navy tie as he searched the crowd, frowning when he didn’t see her familiar face. Maybe if he— He moved up a step to get a better view, and turned his attention to … Continue reading

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