That Moment (Featured Post)

That moment when you break up with your boyfriend and go through your “I just want to party with my girls. Who needs boys” phase.

Followed by that moment when you meet an awesome guy but don’t think to give him the time of day because even though deep inside you’re wishing for Prince Charming, you’re too used to that falling apart and getting hurt. Plus, who needs boys right?

But then you reach that moment when you realize that Prince Charming who is not worth the time of day really just wants to get to know you for you. He’s no damaged goods like you but still thinks you’re the most amazing thing in the world. He reminds you of the little things that make you amazing, don’t get him started on the big things.

But no no, “this can’t be true…don’t trust it” moment comes rushing in and you shut down and push him away. Why are you so interested in me? Why do you care so much? I’m a mess what do you want with me?

And this. This incredibly innocent moment happens. When he looks at you and says I don’t know why I care so much. I know that you’ve forgotten how much you’re worth and I can see that you’re still bruised. I’m not here to rush things. I really just want to be there for you. You have no idea how amazing you are being no one else but you. The cracks and imperfections is what make you even more amazing. I don’t know how I ended up here. This isn’t at all my thing but I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere.

And this next moment – When I just looked at him and started to cry.

And now, I’m here. I now realize that I couldn’t have planned this better. When I see things only fall together so perfectly because so many things had happened earlier. Every day I take back and put together those broken pieces while at the same time throwing out and making new ones. Baby steps is what we’re doing, which is what makes this even more beautiful


About the Author:

We are best friends just trying to make our way through college. Our lives throw us so many obstacles and somehow we are always dealing with the same stuff. This blog is going to be full of interesting, crazy stories. Hopefully people can relate!


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