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KATY ALLGEYER (a.k.a. Fishgirl) has more than twenty years of Feng Shui expertise, which she blends with her highly developed intuitive ability, metaphysical shamanic healing methods, and formal art and design training that make her uniquely qualified to help people realign their environment to support their full potential. See her Blog for more information.


There are at least 5 feng shui flaws with this bedroom photo. Can you find them?
I saw this photo on Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite places to hang out in the blogosphere. At first, I was attracted to the aesthetics of the photo. However, upon closer inspection, I noticed that there are a lot of feng shui “no-no’s” depicted here.
Try to find them yourself with your feng shui eyes, and then check your answers against what I’ve found.
There is no headboard to ground the bed. A headboard is an important element in a feng shui bedroom as it gives the body support. No doubt the owner thought they were counteracting that problem with the cure of putting the round twig decoration over
the bed.

The circular twig decoration is shooting “Poison Arrows” all over the room. The twig decoration has several sharp edges, known as “poison arrows” in feng shui. Poison arrows are thought to attack one’s energy field. Not only are the arrows attacking
good energy in every direction along the wall, but the arrows are directly pointed to where the owner of the bed places their sleeping head. I wouldn’t mind it in another room, but it has no place in the bedroom.

The gigantic mirror placed against the wall by the bedside is not good placement. Although the mirror doesn’t face the bed, which is a big feng shui “no no”, it is placed in a way that could stir up a lot of energy and cause a less than restful night’s sleep. It would be better to remove it!

There is one wall sconce on the wall. Feng shui promotes balance. To create a sense of balance, there should be a pair of wall sconces, one on each side of the wall.
There is only one bedside table and one bedside lamp. Similar to my point above, there should be a table and lamp on each side of the bed to promote balance. Unless this is a guest room where you want to discourage guests from staying too long, get a matched
pair of each.
There are dead seed pods as well as a cut flower arrangement in the room. One symbolizes death and one symbolizes life. Which one do you think is good for feng shui?



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