Goddess of woods

He has been tracking the tusker for few hours now, his rat from nearby village has informed him about this tusker with a terrific pair of tusks, rogue or lost roaming in the nearby forest.

He could see its trail leading him to deep forest.

Then he noted it. It was standing right in front of him but there was someone riding on him, to be precise a woman. Both turned and looked at him.

He thought that the tusker will charge but it did not, the woman came down from its back and headed straight for him as the tusker stood there like a small hill, looking at him.

The woman reached him after walking through the undergrowths for a few seconds; he was surprised at her attire. It seemed she was some lunatic escapee of some Jatra Party (a form of rural theater of Bengal). She was wearing a green sari, at least that’s how it looked in the light of full moon- that was not all, she was wearing it in the style of the Goddesses he has seen in pandals; he could see a sword in her waist and a small Trishul in her hand, almost covered by gold ornaments including a glittering crown on her head. Her sari was deep green, adding a strange beauty to her fair body.

“I have been looking for you for a long time …. I was afraid that we will never meet.” She said, her voice was sweeter than birds.

He was thinking that if he shoots this insane woman along with the tusker and vanish from the scene of crime like he always does from that won’t be a problem but as long as she is hovering here he won’t be able to kill the elephant.

He patiently waited for her to come closer so he could overpower her in single lunge but she did not.

“I can’t hear you, talk louder or come nearer.” He tried to lure her.

“Really?” she mocked and he heard her voice echoing all around him, growing louder with every repetition till he had covered his ears and was kneeling on the forest floor.

“I have been hearing about you from birds and beasts for years now, how you ruthlessly butcher them for their plumes, skin- you don’t spare mothers with small cubs or pregnant ones.”

“It’s time for justice!”

She lifted her wand and he lost his senses.

The burning rays of sun woke him up. He opened his eyes. He was lying in a desert; the sun was high, in the middle of sky. All he had was the clothes on his back.

He looked around him, at distance he saw trees, he started to walk towards them.

He reached them within a few hours, he could see it was an oasis, then he heard it… he never thought he will hear it in flesh, the low rumbling like thunder clouds.

He stopped in his track, he knew what it was…. His death warrant!

Then he showed up, walking like a king, his small family walking behind him, cubs, females- a full grown African lion.

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An aspiring writer who loves to write, fiction, short articles, poetry and other versatile things. 


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