Michael and Claire were married amidst a fury of passion and love. Neither could imagine life without the other, so when it came time for Michael to leave his bride home alone for the first time, he wasn’t sure what to expect. From the vantage point of years gone by, Michael thought of that first departure and what had struck him the most about it.


She had stood by the garage door as he’d backed out of the driveway, her face awash in tears that streamed down her cheeks. He recalled how sad he felt as he watched the love of his life wiping her eyes while she shivered beneath her robe, the chilly fall wind blowing through a gray morning.



By the time he’d pulled out of the driveway, his stomach ached at the thought of leaving her for the week as he travelled on business. He took one last look back. Claire, still weeping, blew him a kiss.


They were the one constant Michael could count on each time he had to leave his wife. Whatever else happened, he always knew that he’d see those lovely, blue eyes admitting her loss of his presence, if even for only a matter of a few days. They kept those times of travel bearable, for he could barely hold on while he was away from his love.


It was time to go yet again. It was his job; he had no choice. He kissed her gently and touched her cheek, staring into her eyes, as if perhaps they would linger in his thoughts more clearly the longer he took them in. She smiled weakly, but there was no happiness to be found. Nor was there the despair he’d seen in years past. Nor were there … tears

No tears…

They were gone. He looked into her face and felt the familiar sting of sorrow well up in his eyes. Her dry eyes averted his, glancing away as if afraid of revealing the truth. He kissed her lips gently, then shuffled to his car.

Where were they today?

He sat behind the wheel, peering through the windshield as he always did. But instead of seeing his wife crying, he saw only an empty smile filling an empty face. He started the car, placed it in gear, and began rolling out of the driveway. His eyes never left her, though hers rarely caught his. He glanced behind himself as he entered the street. When he looked back, she was gone. The garage door was closing.

His tears fell…

About the Author

When I’m not sitting at a computer earning a living, I’m usually sitting at a computer either writing or blogging (both reading/writing). What do I write? Mostly horror/dark fiction with a couple of forays into, of all things, small pieces of fiction centering on romance/love. Seems odd considering my usual subject matter, but to be honest, those pieces have been some of the most satisfying to write. I’m not sure what that means. Perhaps I need to venture into horror/romance novels. Is that a genre already?


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