Why I get up at 5am

Don’t worry; I’m not especially different from anyone else. It’s
not that I’m one of ‘those’ people, you know, who run fifty miles
before going to work, just for fun. I think of people who do that
type of thing as being slightly superhuman and different from
me. I don’t need to worry about aspiring to be like them
because I’m just human whereas they’re superhuman, so no need
to feel inadequate.
No, when I get up at 5am it’s more having willpower and liking
to be in control. Let me explain.
Let’s say I’m due at work at 7am. Option 1 is that I get up
around half six, get a quick shower, get dressed, have a cup of
tea and some breakfast, brush my teeth, grab my bag and leave
the house.
If I then finish work at 3pm and go home, I’ll be a bit knackered
from work so I’ll spend a bit of time sitting around staring into
space. By the time I’ve shaken myself into doing something, there’s a textbook waiting to be
read, so I potter over to it and spend the time until dinner doing that. Make dinner. Sit around
being a bit more knackered. Go to bed. That’s Option 1.
Option 2 – Wake up a few hours before I need to be awake and while I’m fresh and lively and
listening to the birds sing outside, do something physical (nothing that requires too much
exertion though, remember I’m not superhuman, just human). Something gentle like go for a walk
or do some yoga. Then once I’ve done that I sit down at the computer and write my blog. By the time I’ve done those two things there’s usually about 45 minutes left before work. So I do a bit of studying/working on essays etc. while having breakfast and a
cup of tea.
Then about fifteen minutes before I need to leave for work I get
a quick shower, dress, teeth, bag, out of the door. When I get
home from work later, I’ve already done my studying so there’s
no guilt factor in sitting around, if I want to. I often spend
this time baking, making jam, reading or something similar.
For me, Option 1 is fine but my whole day just runs on
automatic. I’ve not made that day my own. I’ve just kind of been
a bystander whilst running to and fro.
Option 2 starts my day off by doing things that I want to do. If I
wanted to spend that whole two hours reading a good book, I
could. It’s about having control of how I spend my time and the
choice to start my day as I please, not just how I have to.
Also, by doing all the things I like to, first thing in the morning,
the rest of my day is free to do other things I like (more often than not, food-related).
When I say to people I’m getting up at 5am the next day, they marvel, they gasp; their eyes grow wide with admiration. It’s not actually a big effort at all. When the alarm beeps, I snooze it once or twice, because I’ve never in my life got up on the first beep I don’t think, and then I just think, ‘The next two hours, until the rest of the world wakes up, is mine, what shall I do with it today?’ Plus, my brain starts ticking immediately while I work out what to write on my blog and pretty soon I’m itching to get at the computer!
About the Author:
Laura from http://lazylauramaisey.wordpress.com

My name is Laura Maisey and I live in London, England. I blog because I recently decided to do more things that I like. I realised I was doing a lot of things I didn’t like and it was making me unhappy. I made the small step of starting a blog because I love writing but was never doing it. 

Once I started it, I was so glad! I blog primarily for myself but it’s great when people say they enjoy what I write. I wrote the above post after a day in the countryside. Enjoy!”

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