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The voting has been ended for the topic “Book Reviews”.

Both the articles are equally good in their own terms but Neks Emet from UK  has won by 1 vote this time.

About the writer:

“I’ve loved literature and writing for the longest time but didn’t really get into it until a year ago when I was, at that point, unemployed and looking for an outlet to take my mind of my predicament, hence the birth of my blog. I write about any and everything that interests me, so feel free to visit my site and leave your comments.”

Her latest post from her blog is:


2012 came and I was all set to go. I had a list of all the things I wanted to achieve and a mapped-out plan of how to achieve them; I snapped my neck and dived head first into uncertainty with loads of optimism to spare. Come almost the end of the year and it was a different tale altogether; I felt so depleted, like a used-up tissue with nothing to show for it. Being my usual self, I moaned about it to my sister and what she told me changed my way of thinking forever; a total eureka moment. She said to me ‘YOU HAVE DONE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN.’

Was that really the truth, had I done my absolute best? I reviewed all my actions and honestly concurred that I had. I had not wavered in pursuing my goals; pushing myself further than I have ever done before and standing at the end of the year, I still had nothing to show for all my effort. Was I then to be ashamed because life hadn’t been favourable or do I pick myself up and bask in the little joys that I had seemingly overlooked in my pursuit of the big league?

Let’s say I did achieve my aspirations, it would have been on to the next set of goals; when would I have learnt to stop and enjoy the little blessings that happen all around me? When would I have learnt to be grateful for the good health that I have when 10% of the world’s population would probably be in ill health? When would I have learnt to be grateful for the amazing people around me when others in war-torn countries can’t account for half of their family members and loved ones? I tell you it’s a great place to be in and now, I can be truly delighted and genuinely surprised when life throws me an unexpectedly good curve ball.

So this year, 2013; I’m approaching life with a new perspective, new goals and a changed mindset. I will learn to take it easy, come what may; be it good or bad. I’ll do the utmost best that I can and learn to accept what I can’t control. And I will always, always remember to be grateful for the wonderful blessings I do have.

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