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Reviews are very subjective matters and so I try my best to refrain from giving them especially when it comes to the topic of books.

Sometime this month, I was given this book by a friend of mine and she praised it non-stop. Now I’m a skeptical person by nature and more so, when stuff is being recommended to me; what might be your cup of tea may not necessarily be my slice of bread and so I accepted the book but had absolutely no intention of reading it. My friend however, is of the persistent breed and after several petitions to read it; I finally picked it up one day and began to read. After completing the book, my final verdict was one word: WOW.

The book is of the young adult romance genre and although the chemistry was blazing, that wasn’t what stood out for me. It was the fact that Sue, the lead female character, would not compromise her beliefs for momentary satisfaction and that for me, was the ticket right there. And it couldn’t have come at a better time; when female characters are portrayed to be caricatures of real women, where a wealthy guy can make a woman sign a contract that forces her to abandon her self-worth and she does it without even so much as blinking an eyelid and that in today’s world, is perpetuated as true love.

Thankfully, there are still writers who know how to create characters that mean something. I also liked that the book wasn’t a full length novel and so I could quickly read it and move on to other things. After doing more background research on the author, I found out that she is currently self-published and ‘Instilling the love’ is her first book. Understanding the strains a newbie would have to wade through to be heard, I decided to do my bit in getting this great book exposed. Hopefully, the author gets around to creating more stories because this one sure kept me turning the pages.

About the author: I’ve loved literature and writing for the longest time but didn’t really get into it until a year ago when I was, at that point, unemployed and looking for an outlet to take my mind of my predicament, hence the birth of my blog. I write about any and everything that interests me, so feel free to visit my site and leave your comments.


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