Book Review – The Five Tarots by Gordon Strong

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The Five Tarots by Gordon Strong (Kerubim Press)

Gordon Strong is an accomplished and experienced student of the Tarot. I could, as have others, call him a Master of the Tarot, but I doubt he would thank me for that as his own work shows there is a continuing quest for knowledge, understanding and the wisdom born of their coming together. He is a Magician and that journey is one of endless discovery.

In ‘The Five Tarots’ the author sets out with clarity his vision of how these five Arcana embody the principles of magical thought and working. In the opening pages he calls the Tarot ‘an illustrated guide to the material world and how to interpret it.’ Which is possibly one of the best and most succinct descriptions I have ever read.

The book, however, does not confine itself to the material world alone and explores these cards in relation to the Inner worlds of the psyche and the sacred, tracing the steps of the Fool on his Pathway.

Strong opens with a brief history of the cards themselves and the use of symbolism in magic and imagination, drawing throughout on historical and classical authorities to underpin his own work and guide the student towards further lines of research for themselves.

With his customary precise and expressive use of language, Strong explores the symbolism, both outer and inner, of the principle cards of the Major Arcana. One can tell at a glance when a writer is simply rehashing the work of others or when they write from personal experience. It is evident in these pages that Gordon Strong has an intimate and long acquaintance with his subject.

Perhaps most telling of all in this respect are the pages that deal with the High Priestess. Anyone familiar with Strong’s earlier works will already know of his deep reverence for the Divine Feminine, the Goddess in all her varied forms and in these pages there is a lyrical quality and a depth of understanding that sings a paean for those with ears to hear.

In all, a thoroughly enjoyable read, and a must-have for anyone wishing to study the Tarot at a deeper level. Highly recommended.

About the Author

I am a writer and part time painter, co-author of “The Mystical Hexagram” with Dr G.Michael Vasey. I write poetry (David Burland International Poetry Prize 2008) fiction and esoteric works, both for myself and as Director of The Silent Eye School of Consciousness. I’ve been writing for decades, but it is only over the past ten years that I have put anything in the public domain.

Other than that, I’m just a Mum with a mad dog.


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