Thursday Tangle

Hi all,

Thursday is about to end and so is the deadline for submitting for the topic “Book Reviews”

I have received 3 good entries already and you can read and vote by Friday evening.

The posts that were featured on BBOOKS this week were:

I am sure you liked these posts from our fellow bloggers from various countries.

I now may ask you to come up and submit for the topics of this month which are:

Jan 2nd wk – Fiction (Before 10th Jan)

Jan 3rd wk – News and Gossip (Before 17th Jan)

Jan 4th wk- Spirituality (Before 24th Jan)

You can submit at the following link:

Have a nice day,


About Akanksha

Akanksha Verma is a blogger and founder of two online magazines, BBOOKS and DNS. She is a SAP consultant by profession, graduated in chemical engg. and a homemaker. The mission of her magazines is to promote budding writers and to bridge the gap between printed mass media and blogs. BBOOKS is basically to promote bloggers from wordpress and DNS is for promoting indian food bloggers.
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3 Responses to Thursday Tangle

  1. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    Brilliant concept. ,to promote the bloggers.Wishing you success.Happy new year.jalal

  2. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    Brilliant concept.

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