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“And now in this new city, on my way back, in the bus, I could not stop thinking about loneliness-young, old, small
city, big city, it is just something so universal and we cannot avoid it. “
I live in a small and rich country (Switzerland) where we can still afford to refuse a job when it is not in
the city where we live and study. It is a luxury to be able to say no because you don’t want to commute
one hour for your job. In my country people don’t move around a lot. They live an easy life, have a nice
job, and are able to afford a comfortable standard of living. Things have changed a little bit lately but it
is still a very comfortable country. When I was in the US, I met a lot of young American who had been
living far from home usually right after high school. American people don’t see a problem in moving to
another city for college or for work. We don’t have this mentality in Europe in general, let alone in my
country. Of course there are always exceptions.
Tonight at a dinner, I met a young French man. I don’t know why I was particularly touched by his
story and background. He is 25 years old. He comes from a very small town in the North of France,
the kind of town with no charm and no particular interest for tourists and the rest of the world. He
admits that it is hard to say things like that. . But it is the truth according to him. His hometown is an
industrial town where the inhabitants either work in the construction industry or are truck drivers. A
kind of town in the middle of nowhere, no beaches, mountains…nothing. No one wants to stop by and
have a look at his town, he said twice. Young people grow up and as soon as they finish high school,
they get out of there, trying to get a job in Paris if lucky or in the closest bigger town nearby (not so
much better either). He told me that there is shortage of potential for young guys and no prospects for
the future. France doesn’t seem to be a dream country to him.Unlike the other young kids, he not only dream about new horizons but left his hometown at the age of 18.
He lived here and there in France, got a Bachelor’s degree in literature and a computer degree. He then
went to Berlin and lived there for two years.
His parents are teachers and he is their only child. When he told his story, he spoke in a monotonous
voice, as if it was nothing particular. His parents do not want to help him financially; he is completely
on his own since he reached 18. He arrived a month ago in my city, the third most expensive one in the
world. He was trying to look for a job.
The story is at first sight nothing extraordinary, not as sad as the others, and not very joyful either.
But I don’t know why, I just perceived a sad struggle in him. Something more profound was hidden in
his voice. Not desperation but a kind of loneliness emanated from him and it struck me strangely .
I left the dinner and thought about how lonely we could be at the end of the day. He seems to be lonely
not only at the end of day but all day long, maybe has been for years already. And now in this new city,
on my way back, in the bus, I could not stop thinking about loneliness-young, old, small city, big city, it
is just something so universal and we cannot avoid it. “We will all die one day and alone”.
This encounter definitely made me sad. This young person embodies loneliness and the weight of
uncertainty, so deeply and so heavily.
About the Author

Article by Josephinely from Switzerland.
He is been writing since 5 years on his blog
His Motivation for writing:
“Writing is a necessity for me. It helps me think and reason with myself with words. I also want to
share my feelings and canalize them in words.”
Message to the readers:
“None except that I do wish they enjoy my writings.”


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