Featured Post – Personal Grooming and Makeup

I am glad to announce that Marilyn Brown has got maximum votes (~90%) for the topic “Personal Grooming and Makeup”

Her post “And This Little Piggie Says Aaaahhh” is most liked by the readers.

Here is a little about herself:

1. Your favorite book – “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls
2. Your favorite food – pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream
3. Your goal in life – to leave behind some fond memories for those people I love
4. If you will be writing a book, what it will be about – in the process of completing “Blue Sky Holes”, a     collection of humorous short stories from my childhood to the present
5. Your country and little about your family – British Columbia, Canada. I am married with two grown children and one grand-daughter.

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About Akanksha

Akanksha Verma is a blogger and founder of two online magazines, BBOOKS and DNS. She is a SAP consultant by profession, graduated in chemical engg. and a homemaker. The mission of her magazines is to promote budding writers and to bridge the gap between printed mass media and blogs. BBOOKS is basically to promote bloggers from wordpress and DNS is for promoting indian food bloggers.
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