Homemade Snacks – Published

The magazine for the second week of october is ready for you to read.

All the content is taken from the bloggers who have submitted to us.

Here is the detailed version of the magazine Homemade Snacks

Here is the 5 minute version of the magazine which contains the link to the blog posts Homemade Snacks – 5 min read

Don’t forget to vote for the authors after reading.


Email me or comment below for any queries or feedback.

My email is akanksha@bbookmagazine.com

About Akanksha

Akanksha Verma is a blogger and founder of two online magazines, BBOOKS and DNS. She is a SAP consultant by profession, graduated in chemical engg. and a homemaker. The mission of her magazines is to promote budding writers and to bridge the gap between printed mass media and blogs. BBOOKS is basically to promote bloggers from wordpress and DNS is for promoting indian food bloggers.
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  1. Thank you for the feature!!🙂

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