Themes for the month of October

I am here to announce the themes for the month of October well in advance so that our bloggers get more time to come up with blog posts.Also, you can submit for the topics:

  • October 3rd week –  Personal Grooming and Makeup (Last day to submit is 18th October)    

 Here you can submit tips for personal grooming, looking up-to-date for different occasions and make up

  • October 4th week –  Kids Activity Ideas (Last day to submit is 25th October)
    Here you can submit about ideas for learning activities at home for children in the age group (2-10 years)

Just click here to submit.

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About Akanksha

Akanksha Verma is a blogger and founder of two online magazines, BBOOKS and DNS. She is a SAP consultant by profession, graduated in chemical engg. and a homemaker. The mission of her magazines is to promote budding writers and to bridge the gap between printed mass media and blogs. BBOOKS is basically to promote bloggers from wordpress and DNS is for promoting indian food bloggers.
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    ok. Thanks for informing…..

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