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” Hi!

My name’s Tom. I’m based near Ithaca, NY, a charming town surrounded by wooded hills, waterfalls, and a beautiful lake. I’ve been running for a number of years now and count myself a solid mid-pack runner. I like to hit the roads in the mornings before the day begins. And I love heading off to charge along trails through the woods in my neighborhood whenever I can find enough time.

The challenge, of course, is finding the time – and the motivation. Life is a busy endeavor. With work, family, and all of life’s other engagements, it’s often hard to find the time and energy to get out and enjoy the miles passing beneath my feet. I often find myself lying in bed in the early hours of the morning struggling with that one question: get up and go running or catch up on a little bit more sleep?

If you’re like me, it takes considerable conscious effort to organize your time and gather enough motivation to hit the ground running every day. And that’s why I’ve created this site. This site represents my conscious effort to build the motivation, to organize the energy, and to provide myself and others with the inspiration to get out to run.

-Tom “

Here is his article:

Saturday Morning Run

The air is cool and crisp. A light fog hangs in the air, cut here and there by the first rays of light breaching the hills on the horizon. I can see the faint sign of my breath, filling the air in front of me as my lungs pump vigorously. The light beat of my feet striking the road sounds both loud and yet muffled by the quiet countryside. A few birds whistle and chirp here and there, but otherwise nothing stirs around me.

Muscling my way up the first hill, my body building heat from the effort, I can see the land unfolding out to the side of the road. The gentle hills sleepily undulate in the morning light. In the distance, a few cars move silently along the main road winding its way between the hills. Houses dot the landscape, each one nestled in between groups of trees. Open fields here and there boast ripe crops. A group of cows nearby are already browsing the hillside, some looking up curiously as I pass.

I’ve crested the hill now and am on the way down the other side just as the sun, itself, peaks over the hill line. Someone passes me in their car, up and out early on the weekend. My hand lifts automatically to offer a friendly wave as the car rumbles by. A moment later, it’s gone, and the world returns to its silent slumber, trying to squeeze out a few more sleepy winks before coming fully awake.

I turn left at the bottom of the hill and pass the stables. The horses are out, one or two feeling playful and setting to run as I approach. I chuckle and call to them, and they charge about, gaily tossing their manes.

After the stables comes the mulch pile—chipped wood collected by the town highway department. The pile stands twenty feet high in a small lot by the side of the road. Thin tendrils of steam rise from the top, the internal organic action generating enough heat to burn off the night’s moisture. Breathing in, the strong smell fills me with a sense of richness, and I continue forward, my cadence steady and strong.

I pass over another hill as I continue along my route. This one a fair bit smaller. Sleeping houses line the road at this point. Here and there, a morning light is on, but most of the houses are dark and quiet. And then my own house is there, and I stop to grab the paper and walk up the steps on the front porch. Inside, my wife and daughter are still asleep. I open the door and step inside, feeling the warmth. My heart is still pumping vigorously and my breathing slowly calms. I relax and feel the runner’s high wash over me.

I love a good run on a cool autumn Saturday morning.





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