Living with Pets – Published

I am happy to present to you our 6th volume of BBOOKS for the second week of September  2012.

Here it is Living With Pets

I have also prepared a 5 minute version of the magazine for those readers who have time crunch.

Here it is Living with Pet – 5 min version

I am sure you will love it as most of us love pets.

Don’t forget to vote for the bloggers – our budding writers.


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how2bw is a website started by IT professional working in Business warehousing and analytics using tools like SAP BW and Query Designer with more than 6 years of experience. The mission of this initiative is to provide handy information which is easy to understand and implement and may turn out to be very useful for those working in projects. Mostly the software help documents are not so easy to comprehend and search for specific issues. Also the software communities may be difficult to search for. In such cases, this website information becomes helpful as these are live scenarios experienced in the ongoing projects. is another such initiative to provide smooth transition of those working in BW to BW on HANA
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  1. Dianda says:

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    One of those articles looks very familiar!

  2. Thank you for selecting my post! Now I must go and reblog too. 🙂

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    One of these articles looks very familiar! Vivian’s View from Here was selected for this weekly ezine. Please vote for her at the bottom 🙂

  4. ethanbradshaw says:

    I’m unable to unfollow this blog, there is problems here. Please can you assist me.

  5. mycrookedmoments says:

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    Got featured on BBooks…I can’t believe it…

  6. Run A Muck Ranch says:

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    Apparently we are in another contest! This one being a blogger contest. No clue what the winner gets, but hey, vote for Run A Muck Ranch anyway! No need to register, just vote. Thanks!

  7. ‘Crazy! Me or The Dog’ is definitely the best! I couldn’t get over it lol

  8. We have a tie this time…will feature both

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