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I am glad to announce that B Lucas Thrower who is an interior designer from Franklin, Tennesse has got maximum votes for the topic “Home Decor”

Here is her short bio:

“I have been working in design and interior re-design most of my adult life. Creating beautiful spaces is my passion. Listening to the client about their lifestyle and their vision, then translating that into comfort, beauty and harmony at a reasonable cost gives me great satisfaction.
My advice to readers is to start with what you have, make sure the placement of large pieces is great, then add lighting, then art,fabric in pillows and drapery then accessories. Keep it simple…don’t add too much. Place a few items later that you fall in love with.
You can change out bedding, decorative pillows, candles, etc. as season changes. My website: interiorsbyb.com”
Here is the article written by her:

Colour, It Speaks to Us

Colour tugs at our emotions in a lot of ways. Colour speaks volumes; energy, solitude, beauty, freshness, passion, purity, life. The
colours of the rainbow always make us happy. They represent fresh air after the storm.


Do the colours in your home speak to you?
Oranges and ambers – what a range; from pumpkins to fireside flame. Warm, spicy, these perk us up and keep us warm.
Light greens and blues speak to our sense of rest; a need to escape. These shades are soft, peaceful, and quiet. Beautiful shades of aqua
to the crystal blues of the ocean. Our love for solitude reflected in colour.
Romance, who doesn’t love it? A beautiful rose garden, the blush of a child’s cheeks. Playful and feminine, coral or cotton candy,
pink or purple, they all lift the spirit and leave us feeling…so….
Tranquillity, gems, uplifting describes turquoise. Turquoise is a wonderfully spirited. This colour is said to enhance your creativity,
yet is fresh as the morning dew.
Who can resist a bit of red. Passionate, warm and the heart of the home. Red can add drama, or spark a bit of heat in a room.
Purity-We all love the different shades of white. Comforting to the spirit and the soul. It is simple, it is pure and it is natural.
Nature- Green, brown, growth, rebirth. The grass is always greener. Nature speaks to us in all of its glorious colour, but the foundation
is green.
Take a look at the colours in your home. Do they speak to you? Are you happy with them?

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  1. Pat Bailey says:

    Good article. I find that not only do I have to have the right color in my home, but I also have to have the right hue, the right amount of yellow in my green, the right amount of black in my purple. I smile just thinking about it.

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