Last week’s top rated article

I am glad to announce that last week’s top author is Heather from

Her poem “Bon Echo” on the topic “A tryst with nature” has got maximum votes (65%)

Here is her short bio:

My name is Heather Blakely and I live in Ontario, Canada. I have been writing since about the age of eleven. I was given my first typewriter was I was twelve which gave me the extra push to really delve into the art of writing and I have been doing so ever since.

A lot of my poetry I have been told is dark in nature but I am trying to improve and expand my writing by venturing out into lighter subjects.

I have been lucky this year to spend a great deal of time at my cottage and I have been inspired by the sights up there which has lead to a couple of poems about nature.

Writing for me is a way to express emotions and capture a moment in time for the reader. I always hope that when people read my poems they will be able to connect with them in their own way and take from them what they will and perhaps even remember them.

I truly enjoy writing and I feel I am always growing and learning as a writer and I am excited to see where my writing will take me next.

Thank you for reading and your time

If you haven’t read her article, here it is:

English: Mazinaw Rock, Upper Mazinaw Lake, Bon...

English: Mazinaw Rock, Upper Mazinaw Lake, Bon Echo Provincial Park, Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bon Echo
It emerges in the distance
protecting the land from the lake
the guardian of purity
a calling that it won’t forsake
Like an ever faithful sentry
it keeps watch over all it sees
A symbol of great endurance
which it demonstrates with ease
Its base is marked with history
of the people who came before
Stories are scribed upon the rock
of their adventures on this shore
Their legends are still told today
of mischievous creatures at play
If you come here to harm their home
they’ll make sure you’ll lose your way
The cliffs are lined with miracles
as tree’s grow seemingly in air
Defying what we know in life
yet for century’s they’ve been there
The view is quite inspiring
and bares love of the written word
Hours have been spent below it
absorbed in emotions it stirred
Generations have come to gather
among the waves and the sand
where memories are made forever
every year all over this land
The views are rather amazing
if you let nature take control
Just lose yourself in the moment
for these times are good for the soul
It beacons to be discovered
and it longs for you to explore
Setting the stage for adventure
a challenge you just can’t ignore
It welcomes you without question
it just asks for respect in return
this oath will never be broken
for it’s here that your heart will yearn

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