Just 2 days left to submit for this week’s theme

English: Hopetoun Falls, Beech Forest, near Ot...

English: Hopetoun Falls, Beech Forest, near Otway National Park, Victoria, Australia. Taken with a Canon 10D and 17-40 f/4L lens. Français : Cascade de Hopetoun, Forêt de Beech, près du Parc National d’Otway, état de Victoria, Australie. Image prise avec un Canon 10D et un objectif 17-40 f/4L. Русский: Водопад Хоупентон, Бич Форест, возле Национального парка Отвэй, штат Виктория, Австралия (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are just two days left to submit for the topic “A tryst with nature”

“A tryst with nature” is a topic that includes your memories or thoughts when you are around nature.

Like serenity, silence in the mountains or the chirping of birds.

How you feel or how you enjoy it.It could be like your feelings when you see its vastness or it could be a connection to god.Its like your personal appointment with nature.

BBOOKS is the weekly magazine founded by me which showcases photos/posts from blogs around the globe on various topics.It is published every Friday and the next week’s theme is announced the same day.

The authors who make it to BBOOKS receive a congratulations email and are voted by the readers.The highest voted author is featured on BBOOKS on wednesday with his/her detailed interview.

Just send me the link to it with a short bio of yours at ver.akanksha@gmail.com


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how2bw is a website started by IT professional working in Business warehousing and analytics using tools like SAP BW and Query Designer with more than 6 years of experience. The mission of this initiative is to provide handy information which is easy to understand and implement and may turn out to be very useful for those working in projects. Mostly the software help documents are not so easy to comprehend and search for specific issues. Also the software communities may be difficult to search for. In such cases, this website information becomes helpful as these are live scenarios experienced in the ongoing projects. How2hana.com is another such initiative to provide smooth transition of those working in BW to BW on HANA
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7 Responses to Just 2 days left to submit for this week’s theme

  1. Nicole says:

    Reblogged this on NMNPHX and commented:
    Last call – get your submissions in to Akanksha today if possible. We’re looking for nature themed articles. If you have a blog post you think would fit in, email the link to Akanksha at ver.akanksha@gmail.com with a short bio. It is just that easy.

  2. Hello, Akanksha! Nicole (above) suggested that I submit one of my posts for this week’s theme. I have no time to do that today, but it appears that I still have tomorrow to submit. Is the deadline on Thursday, the 16th?
    Thank you, and you have a very nice idea for a blog, here!

  3. A very inspiring idea. Nature does stirs our thoughts to embrace the joys of life. I wish I could join but my hands are tied up at the moment. Work and all. Thank for the invite. Have a beautiful day!

  4. Even is I can’t join for the moment. Here’s a beautiful piece of memory of last years’s Summer close to the sea.

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