Entries invited for April month, 2014

Hi all,

You can submit the entries for April, 2014. Your entries should be:

1. original

2. Fresh, not posted before

The topic for April is ” Ester celebrations”


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Solitude Harbor (Archived Entries)

Squadron of Australia's first naval fleet arri...

Squadron of Australia’s first naval fleet arriving in Sydney Harbour (Photo credit: Australian National Maritime Museum on The Commons)

I’m anchored at dock once again

with a battered boom askew

May your Spirit’s breath fill this slackened jib

with your wisdom and power – anew

Forgive me for such arrogance

and a foolish sailor’s pride

to vainly face huge swells at sea

with no Captain by my side

I invite You to hold the helm

and watch o’er starboard and port

I’ll submit as devoted deckhand

and each moment to You report

Ship’s keel now submerged in Truth

I trim the sheets – not alone

We’ll leave this harbor of solitude

setting sail through the passage Home.


Navigating life’s waters requires an able-bodied crew with a Captain who not only can sail by the stars – but made them too!

Billowing Sail Blessings ~ Wendy


About the Author:

“Writing and photography have brought me much pleasure for over three decades. My desire is to paint pictures with both that help others to pause and consider not only the beauty of creation – but the Creator Himself.”


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Themes for the month of May

Welcome to BBOOKS – a weekly ezine to promote bloggers!

You as a blogger are invited to come up and submit your blog posts (new or archived) on below topics.

  • Cooking Adventures – Submit any blog entry about recipes you tried making.
  • Friendship – Submit about why you don’t trust friends or why you can’t live without them
  • My First Job- Submit about your experience in your first job
  • Neighbors – Submit about why you like/dislike them

Just click here to submit.

You can also opt for advertising in our magazine or website. See here for details on ad plans.

Looking forward to your blog posts….have a nice day!



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Dining out and Parties – Not Published

Hi all,

The magazine for this week “Dining out and parties” has not been published due to b-book quality standards.

Please submit for the topic “Yoga and Meditation” by next week.

Click on the link provided at the top right corner of this blog.

You are welcome to contact me by email if you have any queries or feedback.

My email is akanksha@bbookmagazine.com

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